Outsourcing in Construction & Engineering

The world’s infrastructure will double twice by 2050

Outsourcing in construction industry converts bids into profitable contracts & deliver the projects on time and on budget by utilizing outsourcing solutions.

Our Outsourcing solutions supports growing infrastructure and construction companies to improve project performance with qualified resources without owning them. Get improved data flow and reduced operational costs, while improving quality, with outsourced processes.

Construction Supply Chain
Project Delivery
Finance & Accounting Process

Having geographically different profit centers are increasing risks and putting enormous pressure on Construction firms. It requires too much manpower to synchronise the flow of information, hence increased overheads while Outsourcing solutions for construction industry shortens the span of project lifecycle by allowing you to focus in your core and getting rid of the tiresome processes.

With outsourced supply chain management (SCM) solutions from DOMAD, you can gain full transparency on requirement, procurement and warehouse operations by increasing logistics throughput and filling orders accurately and on time. The solutions also support management to get timely flow of information.

Following processes can be outsourced in SCM

  • RFQ Preparation and entry
  • PO creation/ entry
  • Service PO creation/ entry
  • Reversal PO entry
  • Transfer Posting
  • Stock Transfer posting
  • GRN process entry
  • Gate Pass entry
  • Document management system
  • Master data creation
  • Outward process entry

Benefits to leverage

  • Improve inbound and outbound logistics by streamlining material flow and creating transparency.
  • By analyzing data you can speed up fulfillment, improve customer service, and cut operating costs by freeing your own resources.
  • Predict stock-transport order delivery dates by timely PO entry.
  • Reduce days in inventory.
  • Provide real-time visibility into inventory positions.

Our data maintenance team can enable you to monitor, measure, and respond to your project delivery with full visibility and exception management.There are few processes which can be outsourced to help project manager to perform efficiently.

In time invoice creation and processing in a system is a major task which should be out sourced to have visibility into invoice status, so your project and accounting personnel can focus on value-added work. You can ensure corrective action and response through cause-and-effect analysis and experience the power of data.

Another such process is to manage accounts receivable. Accounts receivable involves money a company is owed from its clients or customers for goods supplied or services rendered. Timely follow-ups can reduce days sales outstanding and ensure uninterrupted cash flows.

We can help you in following process:

  • Contract Creation in respective software
  • Monthly Client Billing
  • Entry of Internal orders to subcontractors
  • Return Of Material after sales Process
  • Entry of scrap receipt and sales process
  • Pricing procedure for all sales order document type
  • Record and manage accounts receivable data for all customers
  • Clear the customer line item when the incoming payment is received by recording accounts receivable postings

Today’s environment for construction companies is tougher than ever before. Less margins, tough competition, and demands for faster completion times are asking enormous focus on the core. At the same time, your company’s cash position and liquidity are crucial to success and growth. To deal with this out sourcing the basic yet important processes is must.

Invoice management is one of such process which involves creating, managing, monitoring, and routing purchase orders and invoices as part of the accounts payable process. By out sourcing it you can access relevant and real-time accounts payable and invoice information anytime, anywhere, and on any device.

Following functional processes can be outsourced:

  • FI Vendor Invoice – Park & Post, Subcontract Process, Administrative expenses posting
  • Outgoing Payment entries with Cheque/ NEFT/ RTGS (Lot, Printing, Changes, Void), Statutory Payment, Insurance, Payment Reversal for Cheque Dishonour or Expire
  • Customer Invoice Process – Park & Post
  • Enter Recurring Entry Document
  • Interest Calculation on OD
  • Clearing Process – Vendor / Customer / GR-IR
  • Foreign Currency Valuation
  • GL Entries
  • Cash Book (Petty Cash)
  • Depreciation Posting, Expenditure Capitalization
  • FI Period End Closing (WIP, Balance Carry Forward, Vendor/Customer Clearing, Period Open & Close etc)
  • Loan Repayment entries
  • Bank Guarantee / LC / FD / Security Deposit tracking
  • Taxation
  • Profit Booking
  • Direct Invoice posting/ AR AP
  • Bank Reconciliation system
  • Settlement Process
  • Asset Management