Weighbridge Integration

Weighing goods is a business-critical element for any construction company. The volume and density of raw materials has to be ascertained properly, and at the same time, it’s necessary to weigh finished products to ensure standardization and quality control. Raw materials are often mixed with other irrelevant substances and suppliers neglect the need to segregate. Such instances can negatively impact the workflow of a construction company. Similarly, it’s important to keep track of stock and inventory outflow for error-free decision-making.

The DOMAD Edge

Our team of experts put their analytical capabilities to task and identified disruptive inconsistencies in the weighing process. We set up weighbridge integration with an SAP system to ensure accurate weighing that’s documented and stored in the weighbridge database in the relevant, usable format. The migrated data is then sent to key management personnel within the organization – to present the complete picture and help them make informed decisions.

The Outcome

Our weighbridge integration with SAP helped the company solve a lot of existing problems. Some of the outcomes achieved are listed below:

  • Data readily available for key decision-makers
  • Reduced errors due to manual data entry
  • Record and store business-critical real-time data inputs
  • Zero possibilities of fraud and data manipulation
  • Error-free stock and inventory management
  • Zero dependence on manual reports