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BO Reports

BO Reports

Every organization needs a clear vision, with each of its members aware of the broader goals and objectives. Only then can they work as a well-oiled machine towards the ultimate business objectives. An objectives framework is key to unearthing potential and realizing value in the long run.

The DoMAD Edge

Leveraging our team’s knowledge of SAP BusinessObjects, we implemented an objectives framework that would serve as the guidelines of the company and dictate future growth. We prepared customized dashboards along with summary reports, listing a whole range of scenarios, along with financial reports, HR summary, monthly billing reports, tender bids, and much more.

The Outcome

Our objectives framework provided much-needed clarity on an enterprise-wide level and helped all members align themselves in accordance with broader business goals.

  • Customized project reports and dashboards for top management
  • Optimized alignment of resources
  • Improved inter-departmental coordination
  • Improved morale and motivation