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Mobile App

Mobile App

A leading pharma company in Gujarat was facing issues in tracking their medical representatives’ activities. This resulted in time wastages and inefficiency, negatively impacting the company’s bottom line along with its reputation in the minds of consumers. They needed a mobile solution for managing and tracking their medical representatives’ activities that would help in streamlining daily activities.

The DoMAD Edge

Keeping in mind the task at hand, we set up a project team with the right blend of rich experience and fresh energy to come up with the best solution for the client. Firstly, our team of experts analyzed the issues at hand from a top-down view of the organization as a whole. After they comprehensively understood the challenges being faced, the project team designed and developed the mobile application and dashboard to track the status of medical representatives (MRs), area managers (AMs), and regional managers (RSMs), The Zonal Sales Manager (ZSM), National Sales Manager (NSM), and Vice President (VP) were given direct access to this tool.


The application can be easily accessed by MRs, AMs, RMs, the ZSM, NSM, VP and Director. To maintain strong security, dashboard access is limited with access rights given exclusively to the aforementioned personnel. The platform comes with online tracking capabilities for MRs / ASMs / RSMs / ZM / NSM, sales tracking, expense tracking, and events like leave approval and tour plan variance approval can be granted through its interface. A daily call report is mandatory for any visit. Targets can be set by authorized dashboard users for certain personnel. Data relating to doctors, retailers, products, and quantity can be uploaded in the dashboard application. Dashboard users can also set notifications for certain personnel, and send messages on the registered mobile number.

Overall, the application achieved several benefits:

  • Work-wise reporting is made easy
  • Everything is dynamic, error-free and cannot be misused in this platform
  • Transparent across the application
  • Fast reporting for daily activities
  • Self-evaluation and across all levels
  • Management can monitor all activities across each level
  • Reports – targets / product all can be exported
  • Zone-wise evaluation of person & product