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Accounts Payable & Receivable

Accounts Payable Outsourcing can find you a way to improve your services, while cutting your costs in this competitive world. It can have a huge impact on your cash flow, regulatory compliances and supplier relationships. To avoid default, payments need to be made in a given time frame and recorded to decrease liability balance. It’s a diligent process which can take time to streamline. DOMAD restructure your internal process with accuracy and efficiency by ensuring on time payment delivery. We process your tasks by adopting and integrating automated payable tools, so your processes are fit for a 21st century business environment. We offer a 24/7 turnaround time, helping you bring clarity to your accounts payable, making sure they function productively.

Accounts receivable outsourcing allows DOMAD to instantly organize and track your receivables by conducting frequent and effective communication with your customers to encourage prompt payment, saving you precious time, money and resources. With DOMAD you can expedite your cash flow by growing sales and improving the efficiency of your operations, while handing your communications with high service and professionalism. DOMAD specialists are specifically trained to obtain prompt payments appropriately on your behalf, allowing your personnel to focus on what they do best.

Accounts payable and receivable services

  • Supplier setup & maintenance
  • Purchase order processing
  • Invoice and payment processing
  • Expense claim processing
  • Supplier statement reconciliation
  • Help desk support
  • Customer set up and maintenance
  • Invoicing as per guidelines
  • Receipts Reconciliation
  • Receivable Management
  • Stake Holder Reporting

Key Benefits

  • Get error free & accurate execution.
  • Very less turnaround Time.
  • Get rid of humdrum tasks.
  • Access best resources at any Time.