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Engineering Services


Engineering methods must be fast-paced, creative, resilient and cost-effective at the same time. Everyone knows what customers want from engineering, but few have the resources and knowledge to get it. DOMAD is an engineering service that adapts to the needs of demanding environments. While the Indian Brain works on engineering projects, we offer clients worldwide modern machining, civil engineering, construction and construction services. Choosing DOMAD as your partner not only provides you with professional engineers, but also added value.

We are a leading engineering service provider, serving the needs of more than 18488 customers in 167 countries. With experience in engineering, civil engineering, architecture and systems engineering, you can experience the best service from an engineer who exceeds your expectations. With the Six Sigma app, quality is not an issue when technical services are provided to DOMAD. If engineering is not your main strength, authorizing DOMAD is the best choice due to a wide range of software knowledge, expertise, expertise, and technical expertise to use in your engineering solutions..

Book Keeping Services

  • CAD Conversion & Migration Services
  • 2D Drafting Services
  • 3D Modeling & Rendering Services
  • Reverse Engineering Services
  • Mechanical 3D Product Animation
  • Finite Element Analysis
  • Plant Design Management System

Key Benefits

  • Competitive Pricing
  • Project Management Software
  • Engineering Tools & Technologies
  • Global Delivery Centers
  • Workflow & Quality Management
  • Importance of Steel Detailing
  • FTE Pricing FAQs
  • Tools & Technologies